Leah requires your what version of portrait she would be to painting

Fourteen Minds

  • Antique country portrait(No impact on friendship.)
  • Colourful, retro pop music-art(No effect on relationship.)
  • Conservative progressive(Zero impact on relationship.)

Leah explains the woman color, that’s some other according to and this alternative your picked. (Left so you can correct: “Vintage nation portrait”, “Colourful, classic pop music-art”, “Minimalist modern”)

Leah informs Marnie you to definitely she can keep both illustrations, however, Marnie says that you ought to keep earliest decorate – and simply takes Leah’s.

New series closes, and you also currently have My Earliest Decorate on your catalog. Leah’s decorate will also can be found in Marnie’s rooms.


After partnered, Leah have a tendency to move into the brand new farmhouse. Like many relationship candidates, she’ll create her very own room off to the right of your own rooms. She will and create a tiny area about this new farmhouse where she will often see focus on a statue.

To your rainy days, Leah may offer your a present she receive if you are “mushroom-hunting”: Chanterelle, Popular Mushroom, Yellow Mushroom, otherwise Morel. Towards the mornings when Leah remains indoors all the time, she may offer you Coffee or a present grown into the “a little pot aside right back”: Nuts Horseradish, Daffodil, Leek, Dandelion, Cactus Good fresh fruit, Fiddlehead Fern, Spice Berry, otherwise Sweet-pea. She also can offer you a green salad towards weeks whenever she remains indoors all round the day. To your The fresh Years’ Eve (Cold weather twenty eight), she will make you a bottle of wine.


Really don’t generate ways for money. It’s simply a desire that we has actually. Agriculture appears like a very fulfilling industry. You get to manage delicious dining for everyone! You’re probably hectic. Disappointed.”

Partway because of Part step one, possible earn your first friend in the Makoto Tsukumo, and you can very much most other possible loved ones tend to populate the latest map, with an increase of on the road because you experience the storyline. You’ll have to connect to these types of family relations and help using their trouble. Since you help them, a great meter at the top of new display screen have a tendency to fill-up, and every possible Buddy are certain to get their own meter. In the event it fulfills to help you limit, you’ll have completed its “friendship quests”.

Family unit members try ond begins towards the chart a tiny faded, and you can becomes strong once you finish the Friendship. Together with, because you approach Friends, you will see deal with signs over the heads. A grey face ways an alternate prospective Buddy you haven’t fulfilled. A green deal with shows that you have began the latest Relationship, and you can a red smile reveals that you’ve finished the fresh Friendship.

  1. Your own Profile on area will increase by the one. Character is very important to get specific Side Instances.
  2. You can constantly acquire some variety of prize immediately to own finishing the brand new Relationship.
  3. Oftentimes for many who head to that Pal, they will certainly give you something.
  4. Some Nearest and dearest roam the latest avenue, and will anticipate your because you strategy her or him https://datingranking.net/es/hongkongcupid-review/. To your right feel unlocked, this will charges the brand new Ex boyfriend Assess.
  5. Certain Family stay in one venue, just in case you have made towards the a fight close you to location, you can perform a specific Ex Step where might toss your something which you’ll use to beat opponents.

If you want to check the improvements you have made which have Family, check out the KamuroGo application, towards the “City” part, as well as the basic entry ‘s the “Buddy Complications”. Hit Triangle thereon to gain access to a list of your Family unit members plus the mathematical advances you have made with these people. The menu of Loved ones less than are bought in identical order whilst appears on that display screen.

#1 – Makoto Tsukumo

That it buddy is established immediately during the Section step 1. You can visited him all the occasionally and you may he’s going to leave you a rice baseball.

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